Show Schedule

Here you can find out when certian shows are on the air.


Weekdays 6am-10am Hot Cakes and Sausage Morning Show

Weekdays 12pm-1pm The Very Best Of Jeff Foxworthy

Weekdays 1pm-6pm The Bobby D Show

Weekdays 6pm-8pm The Very Best Of Martin/Molloy

Monday 9pm-11pm We Couldn't Think of a Title

Tuesday 9pm-11pm Modern Problems

Fridays 10am-12pm Modern Problems

Saturday 3pm-5pm That One Crazy Show

Saturday 5pm Hot 5@5

Sunday 6pm-8pm We Couldn't Think of a Title

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Note all show times are in Queensland time (GMT+10 No Daylight Savings)

To explain why shows sometimes sound like they are a day behind, click here.

All other times, we play a vareity of non-stop music, and the odd live show.

We also do unscheduled broadcasts and test broadcasts, you’ll just have to keep an eye out here, or Check out MyCoffeeLounge for more information.