Hot Cakes and Sausage Morning Show

Weekdays 6am-10am

Since starting on a small Internet radio station in suburban San Francisco USA in 2006, the Hot Cakes and Sausage Morning Show (HCSM) has grown to become a worldwide hit in the ever crowded morning drive timeslot.  In the show's 5-year run, there has been a spin-off (Hot Cakes Express) and a mix show (Hot Cakes Worldwide) that have joined the family.  HCSM now boasts affiliates in three of the top 10 markets in the United States, along with Canada, the UK and Australia.

Vinnie Freshmix is the man at the helm of this global phenomenon.  A veteran of the radio wars in his hometown of Chicago USA, Freshmix was fortunate to make history with others in spawning the USA's first terrestrial radio station devoted completely to rap music.  HCSM was birthed while earning his radio degree at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting and has been fortunate to be in four of the top 10 markets in America, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Houston among them.