The Bobby D Show

Weekdays 1pm-6pm

Note: Due to time zone differences this show will run one day behind, it is just not possible for us to play on the allocated day.

Ah…..what to say about The Bobby D Show. The Bobby D Show runs each and every weekday morning. The show is ALWAYS taking calls, text messages and e-mails. Whether we are in the studio or away from the studio we are usually pretty good about getting back to you ASAP.

OK, we run into this problem a lot so let me clear this up for anyone who is new to the show, WE ARE NOT A TALK SHOW! We sometimes get lumped into that group because we do interviews almost daily. BUT, we are not a talk show. In a normal hour, we take up about 9 minutes of air time and sometimes even less. For some reason, I find myself having to convince people that we are not a talk show, not really too sure why though! Also, we DO NOT play music. Again, this confuses a lot of people. We are JUST the show. So if you are listening to us on your favorite station, their music will stay the same, no change in format. I have neither the time nor the talent to be a music director, especially with all the stations that we are on. Let’s hope that we have cleared this up.

All the interviews we conduct are REAL LIVE interviews. We DO NOT can any interview. If we do can an interview, it’s usually a joke interview that we got from somewhere else and we’ll always make it very clear that we did not do the actual interview. What you hear is what you get. We will not nor have we ever been a show that is in to canning interviews and making people believe that we really did it. That’s bush league and we have the ability to book our own guests. From President Bill Clinton, Dane Cook, Ashanti, Joan Rivers and so many others, all have been REAL LIVE interviews. Check it!

That’s pretty much the show is a nutshell.